Tour of Tool Bags for the DDC Controls Technician or Installer

CLC Tool BagWhen most people go looking for buying their tool bags they usually have a name brand in mind. Some of the more popular ones are:

Klein Tool Bags

Husky Tool Bag

Tool Bags by CLC


Personally, I’m not one to shop for name brands and usually will go for the more economical brand without buying a cheap tool bag. What I do is try to look at a bag’s pockets, features and lil extras  and think about how I will be able to use each one of them in my everyday tasks. Don’t buy a tool bag based on a feature that is really great, but you really don’t utilize it often.

Custom Leather Craft (CLC) is what I believe a more ‘value’ brand and I have purchased their products in the past, so I don’t have a problem giving a quick review of a few of their canvas tool bags. If you like some of the other brnad names, don’t worry. They all have similar tool bags, so just look for the same features that I mention below.


Rough Installation + Tough Tool Bag = Job Done

When you have to be able to do it all and need the big guns (Cordless Drill and Batteries) as well as all of your trusty hand tools; you need to have a bag that can hold it all. This bag is a full 23″ long with I believe an 18″ center section which is typically the largest you can get without ending up with a  duffel bag doubling as a tool bag.

A couple of cool features this bag has are the large plastic keeper for the small stuff like drill bits and the two viewable window pockets, one of which can be removed from the bag and carried with you up the ladder where ya need it.


Tool Bag for the DDC Controls Service Technician

This tool bag is what I would call a medium sized all-around useful bag for tools and miscellaneous small pieces. The reason I say this bag is great for service technicians is because it is just the right size to carry all the popular hand tools as well as a meter and a really cool plastic tray for zip ties, wire nuts and screws. All in all the best tool bag for someone who needs to be able to work on just about anything, but not need to do any heavy duty rough installation.

Let’s not forget this bag also has a heavy duty shoulder strap, which means you will still have two free hands to carry something else and open a door or two. The price isn’t that bad at all either.


Yes, You Also Need Some Small Zipper Tool Bags

Now that you got your nice big or medium tool bag you also should shell out another couple of bucks and get ya a cheap little zipper tool bag or two. These don’t need to be very expensive as they won’t be carry too many heavy tools or thrown around too often.


What these are great for is to keep all your small stuff in one spot without worrying about it all spilling out of an open tool bag or getting lost in the deep abyss of a taller or bigger bag. These little bags are also great for putting just a few hand tools in a closed bag when you need to crawl up into a small space.


What is Your Favorite Tool Bag For Your Job?

Lately, I haven’t touched my tool belt or a tool bag in quite a while. Kinda miss it actually, especially when it is 70F to 80F outside. WOOT! What about you?

What was your first tool bag? What did you like about it? What tool bag do you use today?



6 Responses to Tour of Tool Bags for the DDC Controls Technician or Installer

  1. Chris Norris March 13, 2012 at 20:44

    I use the CLC pictured on top for HVAC service. Kinda heavy full of tools, but a great bag.

  2. Lenny Lopez March 16, 2012 at 17:05

    I found a dewalt toll holder that fits my wire strippers, 11-1 my terminating screwdiver (new one from Klien its real nice) and small terminating screwdriver flat and star. It cost only 9.00, its small enough for me to toss into my backpack and stick in my backpocket. I can usuall do majority of my service calls with that. Now my start up commision setup is bit bigger its a clc pouch with zipper cover for tools great for doing rooftop work and water. I carry a few more hand tools in that one, I currently have 5 or 6 tool pouches laying under my desk that I bought and didn’t like the setup on.

  3. Enoch Denlay March 29, 2012 at 09:27

    I have used the CLC tool backpack for the past couple of years and other then the cheap zippers they use it is a great backpack (a little too big and I find myself stuffing it with every tool *I think* I might need including a 25′ fishtape). A little much for a programmer/engineer I know, but you never know when you’ll need just one more pair of wires to get the job done. It’s well organized and has more then enough small internal pockets for all your hand tools and bits & pieces.

    • The Controls Freak April 16, 2012 at 23:03

      What do you need a fish tape to run a new wire when you can carry a small pair of Wire Stretchers™ with you. You can pick them up at any counter sales place like Grainger or other electrical supply houses. Just ask for them by name.

  4. Lydelle September 14, 2012 at 12:09

    Hi Controls Freak, I think I just posted a comment on an older page of yours. I’m not sure if you got the message or not. I’m curious to find out if you know much about Siebe products. I just needed some pointers, if so.

  5. Walter Erikson January 1, 2013 at 10:44

    What do you recommend for a home with 2 HVAC systems?

    1 htg on/off, 1 clg on/off, 1 ecomomizer 0-10 vdc, humidifier steam on/off.

    The present control system is Richard/Zeta which Cisco bought and closed.


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