Warm Weather Keeps DDC Controls Contractors Busy

Building Automation is Hard WorkThe warm weather is here upon us, especially in my neck of the woods here in Texas. With that warm weather DDC Controls contractors and integrators get busy! Now you may start thinking this is because of all the HOT calls and service issues, but actually the warm temperature has little to do with the fact that Controls contractors get busy this time of year.

Building Automation Systems are in demand all year round, but there is a slight ‘seasonal’ aspect to the timing of when that work starts. This has nothing to do with temperatures and ALL to do with budgets and money. Typically speaking about 3-4 months during the third and first quarter (winter months) are slower than the rest of the year, but it is due to companies and organizations figuring out where they ended up for the current year and also planning their next year’s budgets.

Not alot of new work gets started during these months and it just so happens I started The Controls Freak Blog in November and during that time things were going at a nice easy pace. I was developing alot of new processes at work and was really in the ‘Training / Teaching’ mood. The result of that time is now what you see here. The Controls Freak Blog.



Then Controls Work Became Alot of Work

When the warmer months come around starting around March and April that is when the money gets released and all the contracts the sales guys have been closing finally get put in motion and everyone wants you on the job site doing something even though the controls people are usually the last people on the job site. So, you get slammed with trying to do multiple projects running concurrently and if you don’t have the staff, both headcount and experience, ready to get the job done… It will definitely become stressful and you will actually have to get to work.

So, I apologize for slacking off these past 4-5 weeks. I knew I was gonna take a week off when my son came to visit for Spring Break, but I wrote my Tool Bag article ahead of time knowing I would be busy with FUN STUFF. After that week though, wow… Work Stuff started blowing up. Next thing I knew I was so stressed at work the last thing I wanted to do was come home and blog about work. LOL



Thanks to You and Other Passionate Controls Freaks

Brandon Wall's CTLFRK Silverado Truck

But then recently two things happened that renewed my energy in sitting down and getting back to the Blog.

  1. Brandon Wall posted on my Wall (Facebook) a great shot of his Chevy Silverado.
  2. I attended a live event from Dave Ramsey with my Dad.

Brandon helped remind me that there are other Controls Freaks out there and we never seem to find a great spot to congregate. For me to be able to create that spot I gotta lot of work ahead of me and I better get cracking! So, Brandon thanks for sharing the photo and the unintended nudge to keep going.

Anytime I get an email or read a comment at the bottom of an article or video… even a thumbs up on a YouTube video, I really get excited about going further and growing this. Thanks to those of you who participate.



Dave Ramsey and Presenting Simple Information in an Entertaining Way

You may be wondering why Dave Ramsey talking about how to save money and get out of debt would help me think about my blog. Well the reason I attended his live event, which happens to be very fun and entertaining, is that my dad wanted to go and wanted me to come along. I think he thinks I am really bad with my money, possibly all parents do.

But what got me going was seeing how Dave Ramsey presents his information. Most of it, admitted even by him at the beginning of the show, is simple common knowledge that most people already know, but never can seem to put it all together. And that is what he provides, an entertaining and easy way that is proven to work. This is what I want to provide to you, but about Controls and Building Automation.


Simple and entertaining way of sharing difficult and sometimes boring information.


Keep It Simple, Stupid!

I have been making things way too difficult when thinking about putting out videos and typing up original articles. I need to turn things around and share all the things I come across on a daily basis in addition to producing original content. I come across really useful PDFs, charts, tables and even free software and apps just in the course of me looking up information on parts and how to control various pieces of information for the projects I am working on. All of it being AWESOME information for any Controls Freak.



Disclaimer: I’m Not Perfect and I Don’t Know It ALL

One other thing I am going to throw out here is that I won’t be stressing about being absolutely perfect about every theory and decimal point I provide. Controls and Automation truly covers a HUGE amount of knowledge from Computers and IT to HVAC systems that utilize air, water, refrigerant in thousands of types of machinery. This is all too much for one person to know it all exactly right.

So, I plan to concentrate on very general information and if I say something wrong or you would like to explain it further then be sure to do so in the comments below. I love reading each and everyone of them and I do my best to reply to them as I see them come in.



Make It Yours!

This Blog is here for you and I want to provide a good base of information that can help you explore more and get excited about being involved in the Building Automation and Controls Industry. If you are already in the industry then I would like to hear about your experiences as well and if you would enjoy writing an article or two of your own to be placed here on The Controls Freak then by all means contact me or send me your article in an email on my Contact Form. I can’t wait to have other experienced Controls Freaks contributing great resource information to this site for others to learn from.

One Response to Warm Weather Keeps DDC Controls Contractors Busy

  1. Chris Norris April 18, 2012 at 18:55

    Looking forward to more of your posts! I’ve gotten a lot of good-easy to understand info here. PDFs, charts, and other stuff would be great, maybe you could put ‘em all one page and call it “The Controls Freak Treasure Box”, …or something to that effect.
    Take care, all the best to you.


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