AHR Expo 2012: Booth Bunnies and Schwag Daddies

Sexy Females at ConventionsYeah I said it… I don’t have to be 100% politically correct. I mean, yes there are some really cool, innovative products being debuted at the ARH Expo this year, like EnOcean Alliance Partner EcoLogix who has the World’s First Thermally Powered Sensor! I mean it literally has an “Energy Sandwich”…or so says their cut sheets.

But what I want to see are all the OTHER things that make it a little hotter when talking ‘shop’ at booth such and such.

I am speaking of those lovely Booth Bunnies of AHR Expo 2012.

Now to be fair I am also looking to the ladies to pick out the Schwag Daddies and I am sure there are a few out there… er… a few ladies? or a few Schwag Daddies? Whatever! Either way…

Since I can’t be there this year I am kindly asking for those of you who are to use my Contact Form and promote, show off or straight up gloat about who you got to take a photo with while at the AHR Expo this year.

Let’s Try and Keep It a Little Respectable

So with the photo be sure to include any Company Name and/or Website so that atleast they get some free exposure… yeah that one was unintentional, really. As I get the photos I will place them in a photo gallery at the bottom of this post and MAYBE! Just MAYBE… I can get you guys to comment. LOL

Don’t forget… use my CONTACT FORM and upload your photos with some company information if you wish it to be used. Believe me if I can get 700 people to watch John Goodman talk about The Room Temperature Room, I can get 10x that many to view some AHR Expo Booth Bunnies. ;)


"Ok Definitely a Schwag Daddy… I mean the guy has Cold Hard CASH …AND he's giving away GOLD!" – Emerson Climate Technologies speaking on their K5 Compressors at the AHR Expo 2012.



















Still waiting for more pics to come in…


6 Responses to AHR Expo 2012: Booth Bunnies and Schwag Daddies

  1. Mitch Byrne January 25, 2012 at 11:57

    Just saw this blog today. I submitted the only picture I took at a booth. Sorry it’s not a Booth Bunnie. It was a great presentation on new energy efficiency though!

  2. chris smith February 2, 2012 at 12:06

    hey man,

    received my demo kit from the ecologix guys.

    that i bought after seeing on their stand at the show, the energy sandwich really does work its been running straight out of the box, just waiting for it to run out of charge but seems likes its not stopping!

    • The Controls Freak February 2, 2012 at 21:09

      Very cool, Chris. It would be interesting to know how long a charge would continue to keep the sensor working once the air differential was equalized.

  3. Mark Davenport February 3, 2012 at 09:45

    Hi I manned the booth at the ASHRAE and we have tested the Energy Sandwich and from a single hot water charge (The Cup of Coffee test) the device operated for 4 days sending the data package out every 3 minutes for the period.

  4. Clayton Plymill February 20, 2012 at 19:02

    Excellent post. I am sorry I missed the Energy sandwich!


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