2012 Goals You Can Help Me Accomplish and Kick Me In The A$$ If I Don’t

Year 2011 washes away for year 2012.It’s always better to be late than never and here I am posting up my 2012 goals for The Controls Freak about a week late. With some determination, consistency and your help I feel my goals for this year are attainable, though not very easy.

When I started The Controls Freak I knew I wanted to divulge straightforward and easy-to-understand information about DDC Controls and Building Automation Systems, which is a pretty technical industry. I felt this kind of information would be great for someone who knew nothing about controls as well as those who were already in the Automation Industry.

One of the greatest challenges of starting Blog or Website is TRAFFIC.

You gotta get some traffic and get the word out. Trying to keep up with all the behind the scenes marketing of the site and building more content is a real challenge and both of those are my biggest for this year. Both go hand in hand because the more content you have, the more people you can attract.

So, making good goals means you have to set measurable results and these are mine:

  • Daily Average Unique Visitors – 100 ( Currently 15 )
  • Articles/Posts on the Blog - 100 ( 11 )
  • The Controls Freak Newsletter Subscribers – 150 ( 14 )
  • Facebook Friends – 150 ( 19 )
  • Twitter Followers – 200 ( 35 )
  • YouTube Subscribers – 200 ( 4 )
  • YouTube Videos Online – 50 ( 2 )

Value to you is the MOST important goal.

So I have my challenges laid out, but the real underlying goal is providing value to you. After the first month of The Controls Freak being online I knew I needed to come up with something that doesn’t exist… something that I wish I had early in my career… something that would truly make a difference to someone looking to get into the controls and automation industry…

A Training Course about General Controls and Automation

As a member of this industry and working for Controls contractors and working with mechanical contractors, facilities personnel, air balance companies and others… I’ve found one thing out:

There aren’t many knowledgeable people in the labor pool, they are desperately needed and those who want in, don’t have a training resource independent of a controls manufacturer.

Therefore, I have decided my main purpose this year is to create two things this year that will solve this problem.

  • A FREE eBook - This eBook will be downloadable from The Controls Freak and will detail what someone new to the industry or looking to enter the industry needs to know about the Controls and Automation Industry, Salary Expectations, How to Find an Entry Level Position and How to Further Your Career and Grow.
  • A Downloadable Training Course and/or Access to Online Video Training - This will be something I will really need to work towards. This Automation resource will be a continually growing training course offering all types of valuable information about the devices used in systems, communication topologies, control strategies and lots of explanations of mechanical systems so ‘You can know it, before you control it.’

My own Personal Growth

Well I am just like you and I got to set some goals for myself personally. These are important to me, but I thought I would share them with you and maybe inspire you to set up some goals for yourself and you career.

  • Lose 10 pounds – (Currently 195 lbs) I have NEVER set any kind of goals to lose weight in my LIFE! Never needed to, but this year will be the first of many more years where I need to actually pay attention to my health and weight.
  • Become a Certified Energy Manager (CEM) – Having some letters after my name has always been something I never paid much attention to, but now that I am further along in my career and without a college education, I really wish I would have started getting some professional certifications sooner.
  • Take a Tridium Certification Class – I always hear people talking up Tridium and well I have my own views on the niche that Tridium fills in the Building Automation and Controls Industry, but I think they are big enough that any knowledge gained in designing and using their products can be used anywhere.

Now let’s get past the End of the World!

I’ve got my goals all put out there for all to see so now I have accomplished another component to accomplishing goals… accountability. Come January 2013 I will revisit these goals and see what I was able to complete and where I need to improve and keep moving forward.

Be sure to make some goals or resolutions for yourself this new year and set reasonable goals, make measurable results and write it down and tell somebody so that you can be accountable. I’ll be there rooting for ya!

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4 Responses to 2012 Goals You Can Help Me Accomplish and Kick Me In The A$$ If I Don’t

  1. Mike Hake January 11, 2012 at 08:23

    I think what your doing is great, it’s not that easy to get good information about building controls. I am pretty new to this, I’ve been an electrician for 25+ years and for the past 4-5 years I’ve been doing building control. I love it but have lots to learn.

    Thanks for the good information.

    Mike Hake

    • The Controls Freak January 11, 2012 at 14:58

      Thanks Mike! Yeah, its not new news to those who have been learning it OTJ, but I get a few emails and lots of questions onsite from young guys wanting to know what class or place to go to learn more. I’m looking to make this blog a resource.

  2. Matt January 17, 2012 at 10:27

    I really like your site, i have been searching everywhere for controls info. Saddly all i find is advertisements for schools. Ive Been in the hvac world for about 10 years now (residential) I am very bored….. I have a company looking at me to do the controls end of clean rooms…. Do you think this is way to big of a jump? they are aware I am green on controls. Also do you think there is decent income in this field? I having a hard time finding salaries. As much i think I will enjoy this field i cant afford a pay cut. Thanks

    • The Controls Freak January 18, 2012 at 18:35

      I can agree with you that doing only residential HVAC seems boring. Never done it myself, but from the outside looking in… not the type of work I would want to be doing.

      As for your new opportunity sounds great. If they are aware that you need to learn and are willing to hire you based on your existing job experience well it sounds like a good fit with growth potential. But as you said the pay needs to be there and depending on what they want you to be doing, it may be hard to start as a non-experience controls person and get paid the same as a 10 year HVAC equipment veteran.

      There are definitely good paying salaries out there in the controls and automation industry, but there is such a wide array of things you can do that some job positions may not be one of those good paying salaries. Send me an email with some more specifics and I will see what else I can tell ya.


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