Stop Being an Unknown Silhouette with Gravatar

Gravatar Service for Blog CommentsHave you noticed how you or others, leave an unknown silhouette avatar (small picture) with each comment on a blog? Do you know how you can build recognition for yourself and your company or blog? Well you can and its super easy.

Here is a quick video that shows you all the benefits to adding your email address and setting up your Globally Recognized Avatar.



As you can see this will help by letting people recognize you no matter where you leave your comments, as well as giving you a free link to your company or personal website. This can be great if you are trying to build traffic your own website.


So what to do next? Just head over to and register your email address and upload your favorite avatar. You can even setup different avatars for different email addresses.

Either way, it’s just plain cool… everybody’s doin’ it… C’mon ya know ya wanna.  :-D


2 Responses to Stop Being an Unknown Silhouette with Gravatar

  1. Paedra March 5, 2012 at 15:21

    Hey. I am not very technical, but this video demonstration looks really easy. I have got many unknown silhouette avatars on my blog and a Gravatar would add so much more personality to the posts!

    • The Controls Freak March 5, 2012 at 15:30

      Paedra, it sure is! Just type in what email address you want to use and attach an image to it from your computer. You can use the same pic for several different emails or use a different image for each one. It’s really flexible.

      …and because you left a comment you got yourself another backlink to your site, like what I was talking about in the LinkedIn Discussion. ;)


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