AHR Expo 2013 – Recap and Highlights

The AHR Expo 2013 was a welcomed event after not going for something like 5 or 6 years. I actually found a few minutes between my interviews and photo taking to learn something new about some of the Manufacturers and Vendors. Those who get the most out of the show are those looking to connect with manufacturers and service providers who they would not normally come across. While there I personally  talked with Facility Managers, Controls Integrators, Contractors and Mechanical Serviice personnel that were there to scope out all the new gadgets and talk with factory representatives face-to-face.

Controls Manufacturers

These were the guys I was mostly there to see and talk with and wouldn’t you know it, they were so busy talking to other people coming by to browse I hardly was able to get time to stand and chat. I figured I would save a few of the ‘big guys’ for the third day of the AHR Expo since that day is pretty slow   and not many people come on that day. But sure enough I encountered my greatest fear on the trip… equipment failure. I purchased some extra batteries for my camera really cheap and they came with a small charger. Well the charger decided not to work right and I couldn’t charge any of my batteries after the second day. So, I apologize that I missed out on being able to provide a few interviews I was really looking forward to having with Schneider Electric, American Auto-matrix, Loytec, Tridiumand a few others.

Fun After-Hours at the AHR Expo 2013

Since the Expo was in Dallas I took the opportunity to spend some time with my son the weekend before and also met up with some good friends of mine from where I last worked. The highlight of the schenanigans was joining a friend who does work with Innotech Controls, who was attending a BAPIget-together at a local venue in Addison(North Dallas area) where Karaoke with a live band was on tap. I guess you could say I was crashing in on them, but oh well… fun and stories were had and made.

Ladies of the AHR Expo 2013

One of the other fun things I did at the expo was to improve on my Booth Bunnies and Schwag Daddies post from AHR Expo 2012… That didn’t go over well being that visitors are not supposed to be taking photos or videos and well the title of the post wasn’t very politically correct. So this year since I attended as a member of the press, I was able to take all the photos and videos I wanted and I thought to take a few photos of the Ladies of AHR Expo 2013. They were all very nice and knowledgeable about the products. Be sure to support their respective companies and mention you saw them on TheControlsFreak.com I will be posting up another article this week with all the photos.

Record Breaking Numbers for the 2013 AHR Expo

The 65th AHR Expo in Dallas, Texas actually set four new all-time records for Southwest shows. More than 51,000 attendees (34,000 visitors) visited the Dallas Convention Center to take a gander at all the stuff on display from 1,951 exhibiting companies covering 397,000 square feet. The previous Southwest records were set by the 2007 AHR Expo that was also held in Dallas. The show was huge compared to what I had remembered in the past and I walked my butt off trying to explore and get photos and video of different things. My days were pretty much 10am-5pm with no lunch break and I literally would hobble out of the car once I got home. At the end of the third day I got a little turned around and went the wrong way trying to leave the convention center and low and behold. I found a whole other section of the Expo a floor under where I was at! OMG, I couldn’t believe there was a whole other floor of booths! At that point I was exhausted and my batteries had just died so there was no use even trying to look. Though I was later told had I gone in there I would have been greeted by Hooter girls giving away FREE BEER… I’m telling you I am always a day late and a dollar short. Anyone know what company thought to give away beer? Cuz they rock!   Be on the look out for all the interview videos and photos that I will be posting up this week and throughout the month.

2 Responses to AHR Expo 2013 – Recap and Highlights

  1. Eric Stromquist March 14, 2013 at 13:14

    Rumor has it that you covered the most exciting event event ever at AHR, the 2012 ControlTrends Awards, any pictures or insights on that event?????

    • Abel B Ramirez II March 28, 2013 at 21:01

      Eric… Yes, as you know I did attend the 2012 Control Trends Awards at the AHR Expo in Dallas, but unfortunately the venue gave me hell with lighting and working my new camera. Most of the photos and footage were very good quality. :(

      I did, however get to watch some of your footage at http://www.ControlTrends.org.


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