Google Hangout: How to Engage Your Customers with Website Content

This Google Hangout that I was invited to with Eric Stromquist and Friends, we talk about websites and the content that engages customers within the HVAC, Controls and Automation Industries.

It was short notice, the afternoon before this Google Hangout took place, my friend Eric Stromquist invited me to join his Google Hangout that he does pretty much every week over at I have been wanting to try out Google Hangouts and what a bonus to get together and talk about controls or in this case websites, which is also a favorite topic of mine.


I Let the Cat Out of the Bag

I was so excited talking with these guys about websites and online marketing that I decided to share a little bit about an upcoming resource I am creating to help those wanting to get into the Building Automation Industry. Wow, such a great response from Eric and Kenneth about what I am cooking up toward the end of the video.

Engaging Content in Our Industry

I am almost beside myself from all the recent small successes that have been building up based on the quality of the content here on TCF. Infact, at the beginning of the video I mention something that just happened this morning while at a huge educational facility  But more than that, in this video I talk about how you or your company can share in that same success by producing and creating your own engaging content and actually have it be seen by people.

With all the technology today you can easily find ways to share your screen in a video as you program something or whip out your cell phone and take a quick 1-2 minute video of something you are physically working with onsite. This style of helpful and informative content engages others and empowers them to make their life better or easier while they are on the job.


Give Away Your BEST Information for FREE

At one point, I share with you my thoughts on how you need to give away your best information for FREE. If you watch the video, I will explain why that is so important to to build a relationship and trust with your customers and viewers. Even by giving away your best for free, there is still the other 90% of the stuff that those same customers or viewers are going to need to get and that is where purchasing your product or service is going to come in to play… and why wouldn’t they want to buy? You’ve already given them such great FREE content that they just want all the other stuff, whether that is a service or a product that your company offers.

Just because I can get on Youtube and learn how to change out a pump shaft doesn’t mean I am going to want to do that for my 9 to 5 company I work for, but I might be inclined to contract out the work to the guys that were open enough to show me what it is they do, day in and day out and can do it efficiently and correctly the first time.


What do you think about websites in this Industry? Are they up to snuff?
What can they do to improve?



One Response to Google Hangout: How to Engage Your Customers with Website Content

  1. Eric Stromquist September 6, 2013 at 16:01

    Abel, Thanks for being an awesome guest on the ControlTrends Hangout. You Rock !!


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