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Hi! I’m Abel Ramirez II, creator and author of The Controls Freak.

Abel B Ramirez II - the Controls Freak

The controls industry is one of the fastest advancing technological aspects of building construction. Yet if you go online and do some research you wouldn’t find very much information available. And the information you find will be one of a few things:

1. Manufacturers sites that show catalog sheets and basic specifications of their products and that’s it.
2. Companies pitching products and devices they sell and how to use only their products in controls systems.
3. Individuals and non-product specific authority figures that are very intelligent, but sometimes speak in a higher level of technical jargon that is not easily understood.

What You Can Expect Here

What I am hoping to provide on TCF is a resource that lays down straightforward, plain-spoken information and explanations about Controls and Building Automation Systems, which include HVAC Controls, Lighting Controls, Industrial Controls, Card Access, Security Cameras and anything else that the real world might expect to be tied into a single organized front end or computer graphic.

My Career

Now, I began my career in Controls back in 1998 for a controls integrator in Dallas, Texas. At the time I was 23 years old and had just gotten out of the United States Army (29E Radio Repair) and didn’t know what I was going to do. I was horrible in High School and felt college would be a waste of time and money. So, I found myself going to an interview with the owner of that controls integrator where he proceeded to give me a 20 page ‘see what ya know’ test. The first question on the test asked, “What does HVAC stand for?” My answer…. “Heating, something and Air Conditioning”. I don’t know. I looked at the other questions about pump curves, VFDs, AHUs and slew of other acronyms I had never seen before and just said “I’m DONE!” But…

I had computer skills; built up since I bought my first PC computer at the age of 10. I was also a fast learner and I was willing to get my hands dirty. With that the owner was willing to teach me the rest. I knew nothing else about the industry or the equipment I was controlling, but I love to figure out how things work and if I can make them work better in the process, BONUS!

Since then I have designed, programmed, installed and serviced building automation systems in Class A high-rise office buildings, hospitals, schools, prisons, theme parks and several federal government facilities. I have also been fortunate to have had the pleasure of working with exceptional manufacturers, engineers, general and mechanical contractors and other extremely smart people in the controls and construction industry.

Now it’s time to give back and begin to grow in a different direction.


This Site is Here for YOU

I would like TCF to be my legacy. Whether you are new to controls or you have already been in the industry for years. I want to help provide  you with good information that helps you succeed. I genuinely want to help people and I want TCF to do just that, so I can look back and think, “WOW! I really did something amazing.”

The Controls Freak is primarily focused on helping you demystify and understand more about Controls and Automation Systems in a way that is easily understood and can be passed on. Some of my posts and those of other TCF contributors, may not always use the best grammar or be recommended for some literary award, but the information will be solid and helpful. I personally use alot of strange analogies to explain stuff, but I guarantee you it will help you remember and relate to complicated techie aspects of controls, communication protocols and computer networks. And lastly, if you know something written is wrong… then speak up in the comments and let’s all learn something more.

I know Something about Everything, but I don’t know Everything about Anything. I’m ALWAYS learning.

Have you ever worked with or heard of someone who was afraid to teach the next guy or share too much information? I strongly believe, that is because that person only knows so much and is not trying to learn anything more, therefore if he tells someone else all that he knows… that’s it. He’s got nothing else. Don’t be THAT guy.

As you read through the informationon TCF and watch my videos don’t be shy to use the comments at the bottom. Feel free to disagree and discuss what questions you have or an ‘atta-boy’ if the contributor did it right. Then share it with your friends, colleagues, helpers, bosses, neighbors or whoever you think would benefit from the information. That’s what a true Controls Freak would do and that’s what I want you to become… a Controls Freak

Once again, thanks for visiting The Controls Freak. I look forward to interacting with you in the various posts, articles and videos and don’t forget to subscribe to the YouTube updates and check us out on Facebook, so you will know when to come back for more great information about Controls and Automation Systems.

Take care.

Abel B Ramirez II

Owner/Contributor of The Controls Freak


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