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Advertising and Sponsorships

The site is growing rapidly and more and more visitors are finding the site, engaging with others and even contributing more valuable content. All of this means there is an excellent opportunity to place your brand of services and products in front of a focused group of technicians, management, owners and design engineers who are responsible for making decisions on purchasing as well as looking to grow their own personal knowledge of the Controls and Automation Industry.

There are two ways to support The Controls Freak Community… Advertising and Sponsorship.

To get started now working with The Controls Freak and accomplishing your online marketing goals while supporting great industry content please contact TCF on our email form.

For more information on what is the best way for you to reach new customers continue reading…



Advertising is provided through image and text ads placed within various portions of the site and typically appear on all pages*. These advertising spaces are shared with a total of three advertisers. This helps prevent Ad Blindness, where after a visitor sees the same image several times, they tend to ignore it. By rotating 3 advertisers in the same ad space it appears to be new and unique each time the page is loaded, which means the visitor is drawn to view the ad space each time.

Ad Space Locations

Detail view of Advertising Space Locations on The Controls Freak Website

Here are the current rates and locations of each ad space:

  • 728×90 Top Header – All Pages – $100/mo
  • 234×90 Either Side of TCF Logo – All Pages (Image or Text) – $80/mo
  • 300×260 Right Sidebar – All non-Sponsored Pages (Image or Text) – $80/mo
  • 728×90 Middle of Page – Front Page Only (Image or Text; Great for Text Ad) – $40/mo
  • 125×125 Right Sidebar – All non-Sponsored Pages except Front Page – $30/mo
  • Entire Background Image (Clickable) – All Pages – No rotation/sole advertiser – $ Inquire

Banner image creatives can be JPG, PNG, GIF or Flash. Animated images are fine as long as they are not distracting with flashes of light or rapid image changes. Text creatives will need to fit within the same size limits of the banner image sizes.

If you want to dominate a particular ad space with ONLY your message you can purchase all three ad rotations at a 10% discount and provide 3 or more ad creatives to be rotated 100% of the time.

*’All Pages’ represents Front Page, Article and Informational Pages including those that are sponsored or full width. ‘All Pages’ and ‘All non-Sponsored Pages’ make up approximately 98% or more of the total pages on The Controls Freak site.



Sponsorship can be in many forms and can be tailored to your specific needs by working directly with TCF Staff. Some examples are:

Full page articles that discuss your products or services with a sales message and remain on the TCF site indefinitely. The resulting article will not contain any one else’s advertising below the TCF Logo and is not limited by the normal Contributed Article content rules, which do not allow direct links to a purchase page or wording that could be deemed a sales pitch from the selling company.

Products to be reviewed or used by TCF contributors in articles or videos. Contributors are always looking for additional products to work with, talk about and use. By sending products to TCF you are allowing TCF to pass along these products to other contributors for their input and review. Unless otherwise agreed (i.e. expensive products), any items sent to TCF will not be returned and will continued to be used as resources in other articles and videos in the future.

Video Sponsorship will allow for the insertion of your 5-15 second (depending on complete video length) advertisement message at the beginning of a video.

Custom Video Production is available to create a video by request based on your specific product or topic and can be scripted. The resulting video will be distributed through all TCF channels and venues, but the edited and unedited footage will also be given to you without TCF branding for your own use.


Traffic and Unique Visitors are the Keys to Success in Online Advertising

The image to the right is an up-to-date (monthly) report of current traffic and visitor analytics for TCF and are representative of the professional reports you will receive detailing the results of your advertising and sponsorship efforts on the TCF site.

This is an up-to-date (monthly) report of current traffic and visitor analytics for TCF and are representative of the professional reports you will receive detailing the results of your advertising and sponsorship efforts on the TCF site.

When you support The Controls Freak through Advertising and Sponsorship you will be provided Professional and Accurate reports provided by Google Analytics. These reports will be custom made to track clicks on your TCF site ads, as well as views of your sponsored articles. Sponsored Video views are tracked publicly on YouTube.

When reviewing Traffic Statistics be sure to understand that Unique Visitors are different than just Visitors or Views. The word ‘Unique’ means that it is not the same person refreshing the same page or returning to the site multiple times on the same browser. Here are some things to know about visitors to TCF:

  • They are highly engaged on the content. On average New and Returning visitors spend 2.5 and 4 minutes on each page of content, respectively. They also view more than just one page and on average of all visitors they view 2.1 pages with many individual visitors viewing 5-10 pages per visit.
  • More than one third of all TCF traffic is from visitors typing the website URL in their browser, which means visitors recognize that The Controls Freak is an Authority site and they want to go direct to where the information they want is at.
  • International visitors from countries such as Canada, United Kingdom, India and Australia make up about 30% of our viewership, which means you will have Global reach to potential contacts and customers needing your products and services.



A Great Value in Online Advertising

The Controls Freak has slowly been building up a dedicated audience of Building Automation/Controls and Facilities Professionals in the United States and around the globe. As we bring aboard more contributors our viewership will continue to grow exponentially.

Full analytics reports can be requested on the Contact Form along with a request for current rates and available advertising spaces.

Now is a great time to support The Controls Freak and introduce your brand of products or services to even more potential customers for an extremely affordable rate.

Send a request today and let’s start working together.