Free T-Shirt Tuesday

Want to be a part of The Controls Freak’s Free T-Shirt Tuesday?

As you can see I don’t exactly have much of a wardrobe even though a plain white t-shirt has me overdressed for an episode of COPS at the local trailer park. So, let’s have some fun with this…

All companies related in some way to HVAC, Controls, Commercial Faciliites or those who provide products and services for commercial buildings are invited to send me a free t-shirt featuring your company’s logo. In exchange for sending me the promotional schwag, I will take a photo wearing your t-shirt (and hat and whatever other stuff left over from your last expo or convention you send me). I will also add some information about what it is that your company does or offers.


Sound like a fun deal?

If you or your company would like to participate in The Controls Freak’s Free T-Shirt Tuesday, the first step would be to SEND ME A FREE SHIRT. I wear an XL or XXL t-shirt since it will probably shrink once I wash it.
You can send your goods USPS/FedEx/UPS to:

The Controls Freak
ATTN: Free T-Shirt Tuesday
4000 Leap Rd #498
Hilliard, Ohio 43026

If your website address or phone number is not on the t-shirt you send, please enclose a separate letter or card with your business contact information. Thank you for joining in the fun of Free T-Shirt Tuesday and supporting The Controls Freak blog!


BONUS OFFER for the First 4 T-Shirt Givers

To help speed things along I will make the deal even sweeter for the first 4 companies that send me a t-shirt. I will also place a 125×125 pixel ad on the front page of the website for one month absolutely FREE…. er for the price of a FREE T-Shirt.


FREE TShirt Tuesday Sponsors

Click the photos to check out more about our Free TShirt Tuesday Sponsors…

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Acme Controls provides New and Rebuilt Boiler and Burner Components and Service









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